2024 Investor Conference Program

Sessions, dates, and times

Day 1 Presentations

Unlocking Value: a deep dive with small cap innovators | Craig Keary, CEO of Selfwealth

Small cap panel discussion – Peter Marix-Evans, CEO, Shape Australia

Behaving yourself – Own Rask, Founder, Rask

Why the closed-end structure of LICs and LIT is suited to long-term investing – Ian Irvine, Mark Freeman, Dom Hamson, Kathleen Young

Building and tracking a global multi-asset class portfolio – Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight

Is it possible to outperform passive investing – Emma Davidson and Miles Staude, Staude Capital Global Value Fund

The global consumer structural growth opportunities – Tracey Wahlberg, Magellan

The evolution of global AI – Elfreda Jonker, Alphinity


Day 2 Presentations

Living with Apes – Phil Slade, Decida

Tickers on a Platter – Marcus Padley and Henry Jennings, Marcus Today

The Role of Bonds in a Balanced Investment Strategy – Philip Brown, FIIG Securities

Undiscovered Global Gems – Nick Healy, Wilson Asset Management

Active vs Passive: its more than just the funds you choose – Cameron Gleeson, Betashares

Beyond Global Mega Cap – Lukasz de Pourbaix, Fidelity International

Are you Averaging 15-20% Returns on your ASX investments with low risk – Howard Coleman, Teaminvest Private

Why social infrastructure is an attractive asset class – Travis Butcher, Charter Hall

Raiz your game – Brendan Malone, Raiz Invest

Future of investments – Chris Andrews, LaTrobe Financial

Will Australia remain on the RBA’s narrow path – Warren Hogan, EQ Economics and Economic Advisor