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Step into the immersive world of the annual ASA Investor Conference, a beacon of knowledge and networking in the investment realm. Our annual event boasts diverse expert speakers, offering unique perspectives and actionable insights to elevate your investing acumen.

Beyond the keynotes, seize the opportunity to engage with our expansive community. Connect with like-minded everyday shareholders and industry professionals, exchange ideas, and pose those burning questions that keep an investor up at night. The hands-on workshops present real-world challenges, while site visits offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into companies you may own in your personal portfolio.

But it’s not all business; our curated social events provide a relaxed backdrop for building lasting professional relationships. At the heart of it all is a shared passion for continuous learning.

Join us at the next ASA Investor Conference and enrich your investment journey.

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2024 Investor Conference Program

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Virtual Investor Summit

October 26 & 27, 2023

Anchored in decades of investment experience, the Virtual Investor Summit is a 2 day deep dive into the world of finance and investing. This event caters to everyone from novice enthusiasts seeking entry-level guidance to seasoned investors eager for advanced insights.The Summit aims not merely to inform but to invigorate, arming you with actionable strategies and fostering a close-knit community of like-minded investors. Attendees will walk away empowered, inspired, and poised to elevate their investing journey.

  • Global Speaker Line-Up: Dive into discussions led by top fund managers, CEOs, CIOs, thought leaders, and industry experts from both local terrains and international arenas
  • Interactive Live Sessions: Engage directly with the torchbearers of the investing world. Don’t just listen – ask, challenge, and converse
  • On-Demand Library: Catering to a myriad of interests and investment focuses, our library ensures there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, you’ll find sessions that resonate with your unique interests
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Local Meeting & Discussion Groups

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In the vibrant investing landscape of Australia, we understand the significance of community, collaboration, and collective wisdom. The ASA provides the opportunity for local investing enthusiasts and our esteemed members to meet, share insights, and amplify their knowledge.

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“Attending the Investor Conference was a truly enriching experience. The diverse lineup of speakers provided insights that were not only informative but also actionable. It was a perfect balance between serious business and fun, and I was able to foster connections with people who share the same passion for investing.”

Judith R