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Amazon’s ascent is part of e-commerce’s broader emergence in recent decades over which time online shopping sites multiplied and just about every consumer brand launched a website. In a compliment to Bezos’s foresight, the term ‘the Amazon effect’ symbolises the disruption that e-commerce has inflicted on traditional, or store-based, retail across the globe. E-commerce is thriving the world over because shoppers like the convenience, greater choice, the ability to compare deals and people associate internet shopping with lower prices. Jack Ma’s Alibaba, for instance, is sweeping through China’s retail industry.


With GDP at about 2.5% p.a, the New Zealand economy has been performing well for the last few years. The country has experienced strong net migration with returning Kiwis and Australians contributing significantly to these numbers. Recent government change has not changed Australians’ right in New Zealand. 

What would be the key considerations for a move to New Zealand in regard to investments and tax?


The ASA has a dedicated team of company monitors who meet with company chairmen and directors to discuss issues of importance to our members. Based on our board engagement and independent analysis of the annual report and financial statements, our monitors prepare voting intentions having to regard to ASA's voting guidelines and attend AGMs on behalf of our members.

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