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Local member meetings
Experience a local investment meetup, there's over 50 to choose from.


ASA-RASK Podcast 

Listen to the ASA and Rask podcast here. 



EQUITY magazine
ASA's monthly magazine that helps you build financial knowledge.


Your proxy counts
Voting is your right. Through proxy votes we magnify your voice. 


Breakfast and lunch webinar series
Stay up to date with the market and leading finance experts with live Q&A webinars.



Virtual Investor Summit 2022
Purchase and then watch all 26 recordings from the 2022 Virtual Investor Summit here.


Why join ASA?

Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA) is Australia's largest independent not-for-profit, shareholder association and has representation in all states of Australia. Founded in 1960, the organisation is driven by its mission to be the voice of retail shareholders through educating investors and standing up for shareholder rights.


  • We help you on your investment journey.
  • We connect you to a community of investors.
  • We protect your rights and make your vote count.
  • ASA educates investors and stands up for shareholder rights.



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I am enjoying my subscription with ASA very much. I can log onto the platform where I am very much enjoying the courses in investing. I have received the Equity magazines. This association is what I was looking for – ASA QLD member.

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Our resources


A free financial literacy program aimed at empowering women in their investment journey.


AGM watch podcast

This is where we talk with company monitors and what they’re looking at the AGM season.


ASA blog

The ASA blog is where we update our latest resources, articles and it's free for everyone.


Masterclass | Estate Planning

An exclusive online masterclass course on estate planning presented by Peter Bobbin.