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Welcome to financial empowerment. Our friendly online courses encompass everything from the basic principles of budgeting to the intricacies of estate planning.

Arm yourself with knowledge and build a resilient financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

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Ensure long-term financial stability with a well-curated budget. Whether your goals range from managing debt, setting a straightforward budget or allocating funds, our courses help you make informed decisions, optimise your savings and make smarter investments.


Money & Mindset

Learn how you can adopt a proactive financial mindset when it comes to money management and financial tracking. Regain a sense of control with guidance that starts with transforming your mind.




Financial & Estate Planning

At its core, financial and estate planning will allow you peace of mind and safeguards your wealth with clarity and confidence. Learn about implementing the right structures and ensure your assets are protected and distributed precisely according to your wishes.



We help you escape the overwhelm through guidance on how you can leverage your money to grow wealth, outpace inflation through compounding, and understanding the balance of risk and return. Tailor your investment portfolio, whether it’s stocks, bonds, and ETFs with confidence.

Online Courses

ASA Course Spotlight

wInvest – For Women To Invest With Confidence

Pioneered by the Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA), wInvest is a groundbreaking financial literacy initiative tailored exclusively for women. This comprehensive program harmonises trusted independent educational resources, including the cornerstone workbook “Own Your Financial Future,” with an expansive digital content library and real-world interactive sessions. Hosted by Felicity Cooper, a multi-award-winning Financial Planner and the 2019 Financial Planner of the Year, the wInvest 16-week video series is free and accessible via the ASA website.

Our wInvest meet-up groups provide invaluable opportunities for women to engage both in person and virtually through thoughtfully-curated workshop sessions and live Q&A forums. The program’s multifaceted approach combines workbook, video tutorials, and hands-on meetings.

Women who participate in wInvest will emerge with a robust understanding of essential financial principles, from crafting tailored financial plans to navigating superannuation and understanding the nuances of investment risk and financial advice.

ASA launched wInvest on International Women’s Day in March 2021, as the day marks a call to action for emboldening women in the journey to accelerate women’s equality.

This end-to-end program equips you with a thorough workbook that will help harmonise your personal investment strategy and lay the foundation for your financial autonomy.

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Online Courses

ASA Course Spotlight

Estate Planning Masterclass

The legacy you leave is the life you lead, immortalised. While you have diligently amassed wealth throughout your career, how often have you paused to consider the importance of directing that wealth in a well-crafted estate plan?

Estate planning is a one-shot endeavour, make it count.

Estate planning is more than just drafting documents; it’s about crafting your financial legacy and easing the burden on those you leave behind. Our exclusive Masterclass series gives you the tools and insights to approach with foresight and wisdom, ensuring that your life’s work benefits the generations that follow.

The Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) is proud to present “The Masterclass in Estate Planning“, relevant to those just starting or reviewing their existing plans. This course features the expertise of Peter Bobbin, Principal Lawyer at Coleman Greig Lawyers with over 30 years of invaluable experience.

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“Before completing the Estate Planning Course last year, I was very anxious and uncertain about the complexities of estate planning, lacking any clear direction. The course was a revelation—it was presented in a manner that wasn’t overwhelming, and I was able to action the steps confidently.”

Sue C