For over six decades, Australian Shareholders’ Association has upheld integrity in the investment community. Our longstanding mission remains unchanged: to guide, educate, and advocate for individual investors like you.

About Us

Australia’s Largest Independent Shareholder Association

For over six decades, the Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) has served to provide a beacon of trust and experience in the world of investment.

Established in 1960, we are Australia’s largest not-for-profit shareholder association, proudly representing the interests of retail shareholders across every state. Our longstanding commitment is dedicated to amplifying the voice of individual investors, and providing unbiased education and unwavering advocacy for shareholder rights within the intricate landscape of Australia’s equity capital markets.

About Us

How It Works

ASA independently represents its members through provision of independent resources and proactive advocacy. Our organisation is funded solely by membership subscriptions, donations, and discerning sponsorships. Our independent committee is proud to have fostered a close-knit community of 5k+ informed retail investors, each of whom have improved investment knowledge and prowess.

We are committed to lifelong learning, delivering a plethora of professional enrichment opportunities, such as workshops, webinars, and our esteemed monthly publication, the Equity magazine. Alongside this, our member meetings and annual conferences provide unparalleled networking opportunities and community engagement, solidifying our reputation as both an educator and advocate in the investment world.


Who We Represent

From novices taking their first steps in the investment realm to seasoned investors seeking to refine their strategies, ASA caters to all. ASA has grown a thriving investment community that grant our members unparalleled access to seasoned investment managers, visionary CEOs, industry thought-leaders, professional educators and like-minded investors.

ASA protects the rights of its retail investor members and ensures every vote is given its due weight, committed to keeping the market fair for the everyday, independent investor and provide support to its valued members on their investment journey.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every Australian investor, regardless of experience, stands empowered and informed. ASA aspires to be the guiding force in establishing an era where shareholder rights are unyielding, knowledge is shared freely, and every member can navigate their investment journey with confidence.


Our Purpose

Our mission is to champion the cause of retail investors, to shape public policy and promote better corporate governance. We are committed to enlightening our members through unbiased investment education, fostering a community where each investor can feel connected, learn and thrive.

How We Serve

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ASA educates investors & stands up for shareholder rights

Navigate the complexities of the investment world with confidence. Expand on your investor knowledge with access to innumerable insights and resources, meet like-minded people, and get protection for your rights as a shareholder.

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We provide pathways to continue your investment learning journey

ASA offers regular learning and education opportunities, so you can hone your financial knowledge and investment skills. You can attend member meetings, discussion groups, weekly webinars ($35 each for non-member), conferences, workshops, and read Equity magazine produced each month ($10 per issue for non-member).


We connect you to a community of passionate investors

ASA provides a thriving investment community that nurtures your investment growth. Build relationships with like-minded investors, engage with new ideas, learn about emerging market trends and gain insights from investment professionals. Experience the value of being a part of a dynamic community.


We amplify your voice and make your vote count

In the complex world of investing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or unheard. By standing alongside our members, our collective voice allows us to validate their positions on shareholder matters, and influence key decision-makers in the industry. Together we can uphold equity and shape a more inclusive and transparent investment landscape.

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Australian Shareholders' Association

ASA holds a longstanding commitment to safeguarding the needs of retail investors. Meet the dedicated ASA team behind our organisation.

About Us

Meet our Board of Directors and explore our corporate governance frameworks through records of past AGMs and governance documents.


If you are strongly committed to shaping the future of investing for all and would like to become involved, learn more about joining our network of volunteers.

About Us

Align your brand with a legacy of trust, mentorship, and financial advocacy by partnering with ASA. Explore opportunities to connect with our investing community and make a meaningful impact.