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2024 Investor Conference Prospectus


2024 Investor Conference

Day 1: Value Investor Workshop

The Australian Shareholders’ Association, in partnership with Rask, is proud to present an exclusive Value Investing Workshop, designed to elevate your investment acumen. This three-hour intensive workshop is meticulously crafted to fast-track your skills in the art of value investing.

Participants will gain privileged access to:

  • A comprehensive exploration of investment process development
  • Advanced screening and filtering strategies
  • Techniques to decipher financial statements effectively
  • Insights into discerning company management quality
  • In-depth valuation methodologies including DCF and IRR calculations
  • Competitor analysis tactics
  • Frameworks for constructing robust investment theses
  • Real-world application with ASX case studies

Day 1: Investor Insights Social Evening

Join us for a vibrant evening as we kick off the premier conference. Our Investor Insights Social Evening is designed for over 100 wealth builders under 50, creating a relaxed setting for networking, learning, and enjoyment. The redesigned Rydges Melbourne sets the stage for a community event that builds on the success of previous conferences and reflects our commitment to delivering a high-caliber program with insights from industry stalwarts.

Day 2 & 3: Conference

Immerse yourself in two days of enriching presentations, engaging panels, and interactive sessions. Orchestrated to inform, stimulate, and challenge, the conference reflects our dedication to refining the member experience based on valuable feedback.

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