Investors need to keep good records to be able to accurately declare all investment income as well as claim all legitimate deductions. Investors also need to know how hard their investments are working for them.

Keeping on top of the paperwork and keeping track of how investments are performing are key components of being a successful investor.

Keeping good investment records

  • Good records allow you to report your investment income accurately and claim all the deductions to which you are entitled. Learn more from the ATO about the types of records you need to keep for your investments.

Record Keeping

  • As an investor in the sharemarket you will need to follow some simple record keeping practices. This module from the ASX steps you through the record keeping process.

Keep track of your investments

  • Good record keeping is an essential part of investing. For every investment you have, you’ll receive periodic transaction statements – make sure you review any paperwork that you receive so that you can keep track of your investments.