A trusted advocate with over 60 years of experience

We strive to be more than just a voice; we aim to be a force of positive change and a steadfast advocate for retail investors. Discover how we’re shaping a more equitable financial landscape for your investment journey.

About Us

Why Shareholder Advocacy Matters

To Level the Playing Field

In a complex investment landscape, retail investors can find themselves at a disadvantage when up against institutional investors, who may have dedicated teams and portfolio managers for market analysis. In order to level the playing field, ASA believes it is important for retail investors to have their own source of independent, unbiased resources that can guide them towards better investment decisions.


To Improve Corporate Accountability

It takes a collective of voices to hold corporations accountable and ensure they stand by their word and adhere to better practices, ethical standards and better environmental or social policies. This allows retail investors to feel confident that their investments truly align with their own principles and values. 

Shareholder advocacy is about amplifying your individual voice, safeguarding your rights, and ensuring that your views are considered in key corporate decisions that shape your financial future. 

Pioneering Shareholder Rights Since 1960

Leveraging our longstanding 62+ years of expertise in shareholder advocacy, Australia’s robust financial landscape boasts one of the highest rates of share ownership globally. ASA aims to positively influence the investment ecosystem for all retail shareholders by championing equitable treatment and advocate for change where fairness is lacking. Our multifaceted approach includes making submissions, presenting testimonies at hearings, and engaging directly with key policy and decision-makers, allowing us to be truly instrumental in pioneering essential enhancements to shareholders’ rights.


Empowering Shareholders Through Company Monitoring

We firmly believe that effective engagement epitomizes the pinnacle of shareholder activism. Every year, our dedicated team of investment leaders and volunteers rigorously scrutinizes the performance of not only Australia’s ASX200 corporations but also an expansive list of companies of interest to members.


ASA is led by a dedicated team of company monitors that serve as a vigilant advocate and advisor for the retail investor community. They meet with company chairs and directors to discuss issues pivotal to the interests of retail shareholders. Based on our board engagement and independent analysis of the annual report and financial statements, our monitors prepare voting intentions, in accordance with ASA’s Voting and Engagement Guidelines, and attend AGMs on behalf of our members and retail shareholders.

Voting intentions are published on our website generally two weeks ahead of the AGM (available to members only). In a testament to our unwavering commitment to shareholder advocacy, we extend an open invitation for all shareholders,members and non-members, to nominate ASA as their designated proxy. This offering holds true regardless of an individual’s attendance at corporate shareholder meetings, ensuring your voice is heard.

Our company monitors are all ASA member volunteers and participate in annual training and regular monitors’ meetings.

We encourage all shareholders to attend company meetings and vote or nominate a proxy. 

Your Proxy Counts Companies We Monitor