Focus issues

Each year, ASA releases a list of issues it will focus on throughout the year.

ASA's focus issues applicable to the 2020 financial year are:

Directors and Boards

Directors and board are responsible for the stewardship of the company and we will hold them to account. We expect boards to be well constructed and to self-renew.

Remuneration, culture and performance

The remuneration framework should include hurdles that measure performance over at least four years and support a company’s culture and performance. 

Risk management

We expect a company to be resilient and sustainable and the board and executives will ensure it is able to respond to external shocks. We expect financial and non-financial risks to be identified, managed and communicated to shareholders.

Shareholder participation

We expect retail shareholders will be treated fairly and equitably in capital raisings and communications when compared with institutional shareholders.

For further information, please consult the ASA voting guidelines

Last updated July 2020