Financial literacy project

The Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) will be running a project funded by a Financial Literacy Australia grant to assist women 65+ to build confidence to participate in financial decision-making.

The goal of our financial Iiteracy project, Own Your Financial Future, is to empower older women with an understanding of basic investment and financial concepts knowledge. Another objective is to give older women the confidence to have conversations with their partners, children and financial advisers about how the investments and finances are structured.

We completed the pilot project in Victoria in September 2018. We are currently evaluating the pilot project, so that we can learn from it to apply the roll-out of the main project across Australia in 2019.

You are free to express interest by contacting us on 1300 368 448, but please be aware that we will not be running workshops in other states until 2019.

The workshops will help you:

  • cut through the jargon about finance and investing
  • understand what a financial plan is
  • clarify the different options for managing your super
  • help you discuss your financial goals
  • learn how to source a professional adviser
  • help you become familiar with the types of questions financial professionals are likely to ask
  • develop the confidence to talk to the financial professionals and family and not be bamboozled!

These workshops are geared towards women who have never been involved in managing their finances or investments.

If you have never attended an education event about managing finances or investments, or do not know where the funding for your retirement comes from, you will benefit from these workshops.