3-Part Webinar Course: Estate Planning

Estate planning - what to do and how to do it

Understand the duties of an executor and the rights of a beneficiary
Understand what can be dealt with by a will
Understand the different types of Powers of Attorney
Understand Advanced Health Directives
Understand the benefits (and problems) of a binding death benefit nomination

Estate planning - tips and tricks - learn from others' mistakes

Understand the fundamental taxation issues and record keeping
Understand the range of beneficiaries who may be entitled to claim on your estate
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using testamentary trusts
Gain an understanding of the issues to consider when establishing a testamentary trust

Superannuation or a family discretionary trust - be prepared

Understand which options are available for dealing with non-estate assets with particular reference to the family discretionary trust
Understand the difference between a superannuation law dependant and a superannuation tax-law dependant
Issues to consider if directing through a binding death benefit nomination, superannuation assets to an estate
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