Your vote counts

Your proxy counts

Why appoint the ASA as your proxy?

We are the only organisation that monitors the performance and governance of listed companies that is focused on advancing and protecting the interests of retail shareholders.

  • Don’t let your proxies go to waste — you might think it won’t make a difference to the outcome of the AGM if your shares are voted or not, but the fact is that every vote counts.
  • Voting is an important shareholder right and there is no reason shareholders with smaller holdings should not exercise this right.
  • We vote on your behalf — we have a team of company monitors who meet with company chairs and directors, write voting intentions and attend AGMs on behalf of retail shareholders.
  • Add to our voice — the main reason companies meet with and listen to ASA is because of the number of proxies given to us. Our proxies at AGMs are often equivalent to a position in the top 20 shareholders list.
  • Save time — let us do the hard work of analysing lengthy company reports and deciding whether to vote in favour or against resolutions at AGMs.
  • You can still attend shareholder meetings even though you have appointed a proxy.

Give us your proxy to help our monitors have a stronger voice at AGMs. ASA speaks for many as one.

Important information regarding giving ASA your proxy

When you give us your proxy, we don't know your name or the size of your holdings. Only the aggregate number of proxy givers and the associated number of shares from the share registry is provided.

But then how do we know if the proxies have been recorded properly? The registry is legally obliged to carry out their role to a high standard and if numbers didn't look right, we would request a review of proxy numbers.

How to vote at AGMs | Fill out a proxy voting form