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Advocacy Update

While we wait for companies to release their financial results for the period ending 31 December 2017, there are also a number of AGMs held during the first quarter of the calendar.

Company monitors have attended the AGM for Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (Share price improves on many questions, many answers at AGM), and the EGM for BegaCheese (Approval overlooked as BegaCheese focused on growth & issues with competitors). The CYBG plc meeting was held in London, so the company monitor prepared voting intentions to allow shareholders to direct their votes when giving their proxies.

ASA representatives will attend be attending the following AGMs during February:

What we're reading now

All ASA voting intentions are available on our website

The reports for AGMs that have been attended by ASA monitors are available hereor you may wish to follow ASA media mentions..

If you have not yet appointed your proxy, you can appoint the ASA to vote on your behalf according to our voting intentions.

Remember to have a look at our list of upcoming AGMs to see the dates for meetings over the next few weeks where we’ll have a company monitor in attendance.


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