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Unlock your financial potential with ASA’s “wInvest”, a free financial literacy program tailored to embolden women in their investment journey. Curated by the award-winning Financial Planner, Felicity Cooper, this video series simplifies complex investment concepts into bite-sized, engaging content, available anytime on ASA’s website and YouTube.

Dive into our interactive workbook, “Own Your Financial Future”, designed to help you craft a personalised investment blueprint. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to grasp the basics or looking to refine your understanding, our comprehensive resources ensure a solid foundation in financial plans, superannuation, risk assessment, and much more.

Launched on International Women’s Day 2021, wInvest is our commitment to fostering women’s financial literacy and bridging the knowledge gap. It’s not just about investing money, but investing in you.

Let’s shape a brighter, informed financial future together.

1. Owning your financial future

2. Get to know your assets and liabilities

3. How much do you really need?

4. Know your income and expenses

5. Know how to protect your wealth

6. Set up a plan to reach your goals

7. Putting your assets to work

8. What are your financial risks?

9. Allocating your assets

10. Know your superannuation & insurance

11. Maximising your superannuation

12. Know your super release

13. Protect your wealth

14. Planning retirement to last

15. Creating your financial plan

16. Finding the right financial planner