It is important to understand where you are in the investment journey so that you have a clear picture of your current financial situation.

Budgeting: what is my capacity to save?

Managing your money

Budget planner

Budgeting & savings apps

  • Wanting to take control of your finances but don’t know where to start? These budgeting and savings apps might be worth checking out.

What is my net worth?

  • Having an idea of your current financial situation is well worth the time.
  • You will know where you are ‘starting from’ so that you or adviser can work out the most appropriate strategies for you.

What should your net worth be?

Net worth calculator

  • Moneysmart’s net worth calculator helps you work our if your total assets outweigh your debts and assess the strength of your financial situation.

What types of insurances do I need?

  • Do you have enough insurance?
  • Some interesting facts on ‘no insurance’ and ‘understanding insurance’ as well as some useful calculators to help you to work out how much insurance you need.

Types of insurance

  • Moneysmart looks at types of insurance and what to look for in insurance products so you can find the right policy for your needs.

Life insurance: yes, you need it!

What amount of life insurance is enough?