For more than sixty-two years, the Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) has been the most recognised voice of retail shareholders.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that is funded entirely by our members with a focus on both financial education and advocacy work.

Our mission is to increase the financial knowledge and literacy of retail shareholders while standing up for their rights at annual general meetings.

By working with Corporate Australia, the ASA can ensure a healthy, vibrant, and highly performing retail investment sector while retaining an independent view of the investment landscape.

Here are six reasons why your organisation should consider becoming an ASA Corporate Member.

1. Support ASA’s values, advocacy and governance initiatives
The primary reason why companies should become a corporate member is to support ASA values, advocacy and governance initiatives.

An ASA Corporate Membership is something tangible that a company can use to build positive sentiment and good will. It can also assist to better manage volatility, which can be unavoidable and to stay ahead of shareholder issues.

2. Connect directly with retail shareholders
Corporate members can connect directly to retail shareholders (both ASA members and non-members) through our various channels, including our corporate register, events, webinars, podcasts, member meetings, emails, social media, and monthly Equity magazine.

Each Friday, we email over 20k subscribers with an exceptional open rate of 54-57%. This high-level engagement reflects how well connected retail shareholders are with us.

Members meet with one another each month to build a connective network of retail shareholders. Corporate members have the opportunity to speak at these local meetings.
3. Your company will be included on the ASA Speakers’ List
Corporate members have an opportunity to present at our member meetings and through our weekly webinar sessions. We have more than 50 member meetings a month with an attendance of 800-1,000 highly engaged members.

4. We work hard to support our corporate members
The entire ASA team works tirelessly to support our corporate members. We understand that each company has different and changing needs, so we’re open to innovation and collaborating to develop tailored solutions.

5. Our corporate rates are low cost / high value
We keep our rates low so it has minimal impact on your company’s budget, whilst at the same time your membership will provide enormous support to the ASA.

We offer three tiers of membership. These tiers provide the most significant membership support your shareholders and employees can benefit from. We encourage you to select the membership that best supports your shareholders.

Together with Corporate Australia we achieve a healthy, vibrant, high performing retail investment sector. To discuss ways we can work together to support ASA members, email

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