AGM Watch podcast

Are you happy with how the companies you own shares in run their business and treat their shareholders?

As a shareholder in a listed company, you can have your say at the company's annual general meeting by voting for or against the resolutions on the notice of meeting. You can also ask questions of the directors and the auditor of the financial accounts. Or you can give your proxy to someone who can do that for you. Types of items to be voted on include voting on directors appointment to the board, issues of shares to directors and the remuneration report.

Each year the Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) attends the shareholder meetings of most of Australia’s ASX200 companies - making sure what matters to retail shareholders gets a hearing and that directors are held to account for their decisions and oversight of the company executives on behalf of all the shareholders who give their proxy to the ASA.  

ASA's dedicated team is made up of more than 100 volunteer ASA members who act as company monitors. The members of each company's monitoring team meet with company directors, and attend AGMs to ask questions of importance to members and retail shareholders. Each of these volunteer monitors have different expertise and life experience. What they have in common is an interest in investing and shares and how the company has performed in governance, financial and operational terms.

This is AGM Watch where we talk with company monitors and what they’re looking at this AGM season.

AGM Watch and the ASA - looking out for your interests.