Headshot image of board member at Australia Shareholders Association.
Taken on 30-08-23
Photographer Udo Bucher for Brickworks Imagery.

Michael Jackson LLB GAICD

Michael was appointed as a director and company secretary of ASA in February 2021. He has over 30 years’ experience as a director, company secretary and corporate executive. His experience includes setting strategy, managing risk and structuring, negotiating, and implementing complex projects and contracts. He has experience in both the private sector and government.

Michael led a team of lawyers and contract managers at a global aerospace, space, transportation, defence and security group. Earlier in his career he was Chief Operating Officer at a financial institution, with responsibility for a diverse range of corporate services. He is an experienced General Counsel and Company Secretary.

In 2024 he joined the Board of the New South Wales Bridge Association Limited. That company is in the process of a major restructure, and it is anticipated that Michael will continue as a Director when the company changes its name to Sydney Bridge Club Limited.

Michael has worked in environments with complex stakeholder relationships and has deep experience working with regulators. He is a keen investor and Bridge player.