Headshot image of board member at Australia Shareholders Association.
Taken on 30-08-23
Photographer Udo Bucher for Brickworks Imagery.


Carol was appointed to the Board on 1 March 2019. She has been a Non Executive Director of the Board of the Whiddon Group and served on a number of their Board Sub Committees and has also been on a Sub Committee of the Australian Red Cross Board. She was also Deputy Chair of Bendigo Community Bank, Darling Square, where she is still a Board Adviser.

She is a member of Jacksons Landing Pyrmont Community Association, and is also actively engaged in a range of local community organisations. Carol had a long career in the banking/finance industry, including senior executive roles, which took in human resources, public relations, retail banking and involvement in mergers and acquisitions. Carol has been an ASA company monitor for over 15 years.