7 Principles of Retirement 2.0

Retiring from work is one of the biggest transitions you can make in life. And like all significant change it’s not without pitfalls and challenges. This short, inspirational film offers ideas to begin preparing you for your next phase of life. It’s a quick watch. It’s not the full story, but it will help you get started on something which many people find daunting.

Created by TEDx speaker and retirement coach, Nick Freedman, who’s helped 10,000+ people since 2004 to improve their personal and professional lives. It offers a fresh perspective on retirement and invites you to reflect on the non financial questions, which are so often forgotten or missed.

If you want to take a deeper dive, My Game Plan creates the opportunity to pause, reflect on life today, explore how you’d like it to look in the future, then create a holistic roadmap to make it a reality. With exercises to help you understand your values, move forward through change, uncover your purpose and create goals, it’s designed to help you build a holistic plan for your next phase of life.

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The film

Looking under the waves

Use brakes consciously

Understand your dough

Navigate life holistically

Build your game plan

Find new purpose

Ride your elephant

Nick Freedman: TEDx Manly

80,00 hours just walked out the door

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1. Owning your financial future

2. Get to know your assets and liabilities

3. How much do you really need?

4. Know your income and expenses

5. Know how to protect your wealth

6. Set up a plan to reach your goals

7. Putting your assets to work

8. What are your financial risks?

9. Allocating your assets

10. Know your superannuation & insurance

11. Maximising your superannuation

12. Know your super release

13. Protect your wealth

14. Planning retirement to last

15. Creating your financial plan

16. Finding the right financial planner