Anyone can learn to be an investor and develop their own financial plan with a modest amount of time and effort. There is a vast amount of resources available to the DIY investor, however, DIY financial planning and investing is not for everyone.  Having an understanding of what is involved is a key component in making the right decision for you.

How your money personality affects your share investing

  • Understand how your personality traits, which affect how you think, feel and act, impact your investment decisions.

Hire a finance professional or go DIY?

  • One of the biggest reasons it is difficult to give up control and let an adviser manage our money is because money has an emotional component to it.
  • Ironically, that’s also the reason to allow someone else to take charge sometimes! Learn more about why you might consider using a professional in this article on the US site Forbes.

Manage your own investments

  • Investors have unprecedented access to investment information and education, especially online. Can, or even, should you manage your own investments, is a challenging question that requires honest self-evaluation to answer.

5 good reasons to hire a professional

  • Yes you can become a DIY investor but many people still need individual advice where a financial professional could add value. This article is US based but with only limited reference to US products, the author’s observations can apply internationally.

Keys to successful investing

  • Investing is simple but that doesn’t mean it is easy. This article explores the behaviours necessary for investing success.

Principles for investing success

The Disposition Effect

  • Learn more about the Disposition Effect – why selling losers and letting winners run is hard to do.

Characteristics of highly successful investors

Investing traits and habits – the good and the bad!