With the basics and issues of remuneration already explored, it is now time to delve deeper into the issues and questions around remuneration. The following videos are not a necessary part of your study around the remuneration report but both these webinars, from leading remuneration consultants provide insight into Australian executive remuneration practices and issues. These webinars were recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore also provide a critical view into how monitors may be able to assess remuneration outcomes during and since the pandemic.

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We join James Bourchier from Godfrey Remuneration Group again to see how companies have been managing remuneration in 2019-2020 and how COVID-19 has affected some of these practices.

ASA is joined by Michael Robinson, co-founder and executive director of Guerdon Associates – a leading provider of remuneration consultation services to corporations and organisations across Australia. Mr Robinson is one of the leaders of the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group (GECN) – a group of independent advisory firms that specialise in matters around governance, remuneration and other related issues.

This webinar video starts off abruptly due to technical issues.