Once the pre-AGM is complete, monitors have to write up the voting intentions. These voting intentions provide our rationale for voting the way we want to at the AGM. We upload these voting intentions to the ASA website so members can access them and consider how they want to direct their votes if they are considering appointing ASA as a proxy or decide on how they would like to vote themselves.

ASA does not advise or recommend people to vote their proxies in a particular way. ASA is not licenced to provide recommendations and cannot provide financial or legal advice. In understanding this document and how it is composed, the word ‘intention’ is of key importance. The monitor only declares how they intend to vote and if a member or non-member appoints ASA as a standing proxy, we will vote in accordance with their directions if so provided. If no directions are provided, ASA will vote as recorded in the voting intentions.

This module features ASA monitor Don Adams taking us through the thought process of compiling voting intentions and provides insight on how to resolve issues or conflicts during this process.