The last five modules were all about understanding the concepts essential to becoming an effective company monitor. Without an understanding of governance and culture or the ability to read financial and remuneration reports, our engagement with companies would be fairly simplistic and rely upon the company’s ability and desire to be transparent with shareholders. Armed with the concepts from those previous sessions, we now get to the point where we understand what monitoring is in practice.

From this session onwards, we will hear from some of ASA’s most experienced monitors who will provide us with some essential information of what you need to keep in mind when you are a monitor, what to do when you don’t know what to do and how you can structure monitoring to suit your life so you can manage your time with relative ease.

The pre-annual general meeting or pre-AGM is where our monitors meet with company boards and engage on the issues they plan to raise during the actual AGM. This meeting is usually held between the company chair and the monitors along with others from the company. If the company chair is unavailable, ASA prefers to meet at least with a non-executive director. In this module, Victorian company monitors and CMC chairs Michael Robey and John Whittington discuss all that a monitor needs to do in order to be prepared for their pre-AGM.