This series of videos, presented by Mr Geoff Sherwin, will provide a detailed and experienced outlook that will help company monitors navigate financial statements with ease. Mr Sherwin will cover a number of key subjects that will help company monitors understand how to understand, interpret and analyse a company’s statements of balance, income and cash flows. Mr Sherwin has been an ASA member for 13 years, serves on the WA state committee and is the convenor for the Perth ASA discussion group. Mr Sherwin has a background in finance and was a former partner at tax and accounting consultants RSM Bird Cameron. He monitors Mineral Resources Limited for ASA.

This module was also presented to ASA members as a webinar in 2018.

This module will concentrate on the statement of income or the profit and loss account. It will go over:
  • Interpreting a profit and loss account
  • Assessing the contents of a statement of income in depth
  • Understanding how accounting standards impact a profit and loss account
  • Understanding how accounts can be reconciled and reported

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