Companies we monitor

ASA monitors the companies listed in the table below. Each year, ASA monitors the performance of most* of Australia's ASX200 companies. An ASA representative will attend the meetings for these companies. Where the name in the Company Monitor column is ‘Proxy Collector’, the company is not fully monitored, but ASA will attend to collect and vote proxies.

ASA’s voting intentions reflect how ASA intends to vote proxies on resolutions at company general meetings and our rationale. This is member-only content. Ensure that you are logged in to the website to access the voting intentions. If you experience issues logging in, see the help section

Voting intentions are typically available two weeks before the meeting. Click on the company name and download the PDF. 

AGM reports are typically available in the week following the meeting and are also member-only content.

To search for a company, enter text or ASX code in the relevant search field below. If you want to change your search, delete the text or code in the search field and enter new text or ASX code.

Use the Search for AGMs by date range function to set the period of interest. Click on the heading AGM/EGM date to sort the list by ascending (or descending) order. This will allow you to see forthcoming meetings more easily.

We also recommend you prepare to attend the upcoming AGMs and have prepared this handy Guide to shareholders attending online AGMs during COVID-19

*we do not monitor companies that hold their AGMs outside Australia. Typically this exclusion covers CDIs CHESS Depositary Instruments

Companies we monitor

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Company nameASX codeAGM/EGM DateAGM timeAGM venueMonitor nameVoting Intentions available?AGM Report available?
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Accent Group LimitedAX119/11/2021 VICMr Christopher L. LobbNoNoded8703c-8d7d-4d70-94e9-32072bdb507e12217388
Adairs LimitedADH20/10/202111:00 AMOnline VIC.Proxy Voting RepresentativeNoNob52292c8-ccb7-4030-9d23-9ca70357043b53199
ADBRI LimitedABC21/05/202110:00 AMThe Gold Melting Room, The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSWMr Robert RitchieYesYes297103ce-a393-4728-ba9a-944a1a9f896557158
Adore Beauty Group LimitedABY12/11/2021 VICProxy Voting RepresentativeNoNo5cce40d9-e382-4487-85c6-ed524962bdcc53199
Afterpay Touch Group LimitedAPT17/11/202010:00 AMOnline VICMs Christine HaydonYesYesa9526e7d-85ca-4f6c-83d3-302b9fd8f24e12216580
AGL EnergyAGL22/09/202110:30 AMOnline NSWMs Helen ManningYesNo98bf68a4-ea7d-4f2e-80be-9a78836054c1871535
Air New Zealand LimitedAIZ28/10/20211:00 PMASB Waterfront Theatre, 138 Halsey Street, AucklandNew Zealand Shareholders AssociationNoNo3d124f68-9ec8-43c1-a9b5-edc89ed7c88312218124
ALS LimitedALQ28/07/202110:00 AMOnline QLDMrs Kelly BuchananYesYes9efc50ad-04b7-414b-a404-80e249b0296f56948
Altium LimitedALU18/11/2021 Online NSWMrs Patricia BealNoNodee74518-23fe-4ab4-bfde-8127ae15bb6554305
Alumina LimitedAWC25/05/20212:30 PMAuditorium, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne VICMr Michael MuntisovYesYes375f970e-e032-4845-ac71-f9729a2c75941197458
AMA Group LimitedAMA19/11/20202:30 PM Proxy Voting RepresentativeNoYes50585a2a-4663-496a-b240-1b672daa88ae53199
AMCIL LimitedAMH7/10/20211:30 PMVenue Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria Conference Centre Location 179 La Trobe Street Melbourne Victoria 3000Proxy Voting RepresentativeNoNoc9158e9e-5fd4-4ee7-94b4-e135c88bb43d53199
AMP LimitedAMP30/04/202110:00 AMOnline NSWMr Ian GravesYesYes73b778ea-ce3b-48a0-bc07-9e17b58a2ebc55583
Ampol LimitedALD13/05/202110:00 AMOnline NSWMr Roger AshleyYesYes8fa0c9aa-8959-415e-bd79-762fac90c54457051
Andromeda Metals LimitedADN26/11/2020 SAMr Des MoriartyNoNo844e8b36-ab87-480b-b256-1ec41b7327b51201382
Ansell LimitedANN11/11/2021 VICMr John WhittingtonNoNo217265b8-dff7-4d95-aa6e-76f63e918f5c58284
APA GroupAPA21/10/2021 NSWDr Lewis GomesNoNob179ce1f-9aa1-451f-924a-4d3d8872749e12216471
APN Industria REITADI22/10/202010:00 AMOnline VICProxy Voting RepresentativeNoNo96f7c476-7ce7-4600-a13d-f394226f736a53199
Appen LimitedAPX28/05/202110:00 AMFour Seasons Hotel, 199 George Street, Sydney and Online NSWMr Peter GregoryYesYes3e558ae8-2938-4b6f-bdbc-2dca9517d26f12217914
ARB Corporation LimitedARB14/10/202111:00 AMOnline VICMr Brett MorrisNoNo1b414ade-7e2d-45ef-867b-2ae872f155e2136950