The ASA is dedicated to defending and safeguarding shareholder rights through:


We monitor Australia‚Äôs ASX-200 companies. The ASA engages with board members and management of monitored companies to discuss corporate governance, company performance, executive remuneration and other shareholder issues. Our volunteer monitors prepare detailed voting intentions, represent shareholders at AGMS, vote proxies and publish AGM reports.


The ASA conducts unique and detailed research on capital raisings, directors, remuneration and corporate governance. We analyse financial reports, corporate disclosures and both institutional and retail equity placement offers. Backed by our research efforts, we propose and debate public policy.


ASA members build investment experience and skills through member meetings held across Australia. We provide cost-effective education programs and tutorials. By accessing high quality education our members discover pathways towards financial independence.

The ASA is represented on the following industry groups and committees:

  • ATO Personal Tax Advisory Group
  • ASIC Consumer Advisory Panel
  • ASIC Corporations & Market Advisory Committee
  • Financial Reporting Council
  • ASX Corporate Governance Council
  • Securities Registrars Association of Australia