Headshot image of board member at Australia Shareholders Association.
Taken on 30-08-23
Photographer Udo Bucher for Brickworks Imagery.

Julieanne Mills GAICD BA Design, MA Fine Art

Julieanne joined the board in 2022 and has been a member of the ASA since 2017 and a company monitor since 2019.  She is an experienced long-term investor who believes in good governance and investing for the future in a rapidly changing world.

A graduate and continuing member of the AICD, Julieanne brings to the board a retail investor perspective, an understanding of good corporate governance, a continuing interest in organisational strategy, risk and opportunity, and an interest and passion for ethical and sustainable investing. Her background in the design and creative industries brings creative thinking, design skills and diversity to the board. She is married with two sons in their twenties.

“My experiences as a member of the ASA has given me an enormous respect for the contributions, skills and experience reflected in the membership, especially the volunteers, and the value and integrity of the ASA as an educator and advocate for retail shareholders. I believe the key challenges for investors are sustainability and governance. It is important that the ASA appeals to a broad membership.”