About the Australian Shareholders' Association

Standing up for shareholders

“[The Australian Shareholders’ Association is] the peak body representing retail shareholders in Australia.” (SMH, 2016)

The Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) is the representative body for independent, free-thinking investors. It is the membership body for people who want to progress their investment knowledge free from industry hoopla as well as having a voice in the boardroom.

The ASA educates investors and stands up for shareholder rights.

Our advocacy promotes the interests of retail shareholders — the ASA is their strong, collective voice . Boards listen when the ASA speaks.

ASA members make informed financial decisions. They hone their financial knowledge and investment skills, at their own pace through access to education opportunities and the sharing of ideas and knowledge with like-minded people.

The ASA doesn't receive any state or federal government funding. We are funded by our members, donations, and sponsorship. We are the largest, independent, not-for-profit shareholder association.

Corporate governance

The ASA is dedicated to improving the standard of corporate governance and directorship in Australia. We press for improvements in transparency, disclosure and director accountability. As part of our advocacy, we liaise extensively with government, regulators, lawmakers and industry and accounting bodies.

We also vote more than $5 billion worth of proxies each year. Collectively we have much greater influence than individual investors — when you appoint ASA as your proxy you know that we can sway agendas.

Member education

When you join the ASA, you join a community of experienced investors and shareholders.

Member meeting groups are held across Australia, including many in regional areas. Members build their skills through access to our independent research, governance information, member meetings and our extremely cost-effective education programs and tutorials.

Our members discover new and beneficial pathways towards financial independence and wisdom.
The ASA started in 1960 with a handful of visionary and determined investors wanting to protect and further small shareholder and other investor interests. For over 50 years we’ve positively influenced Australian board and company outcomes and provided members a pathway to financial literacy, helping them become smarter investors.

Industry groups, panels and committees

The ASA represents member interests on the following industry groups, panels and committees:

  • AASB Disclosure Initiative Project Advisory Panel
  • ASIC Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP)
  • ASIC Regional Liaison Committee
  • ASX Corporate Governance Council
  • ASX CHESS Replacement project
  • ATO Individual Stewardship Group
  • Business Reporting Leaders Forum (BRLF)
  • Corporate Reporting Users Forum
  • Security Registrars Association of Australia