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Webinar Recording: An investor's guide to understanding financial statements

Geoff Sherwin, ASA company monitor and educator

Recorded: 16 July 2018

If understood, the financial statements within the annual report reveal a considerable amount of information about a company and the discerning investor can even see the warning signs. In this webinar recording, you will be shown how to understand the relevance of a balance sheet; the importance of recognising impairments and abnormals in the income statement and learn why the cashflow statement is the most important part of the annual report for investors.

Part 1: Analyse the make-up of the statement of financial position and its relevance in assessing a company’s worth.

Part 2: Analyse an income statement and reconcile it with the statement of cash flows.

Part 3: Further investigate the statement of cash flows together with a review of financial ratios based on financial statements.

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