Stock Market Course

ASA Stock Market Course Session 1 - Risk and the investment plan

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Course outline
  • Session 1 – Risk and the investment plan
    Understand the returns you can expect, know the major risks and how to avoid them.
  • Session 2 – Fundamental analysis
    Learn how fundamental analysis can inform investors which stocks which are of value and which to avoid.
  • Session 3 – Technical analysis part 1
    Gain an overview of the types of charts, Dow Theory, support and resistance and what charting software is freely available.
  • Session 4 - Technical analysis part 2
    Recognise chart patterns, understand how indicators are used along with price action and be familiar with volume.
  • Session 5 - Stock selection
    Learn how to combine fundamental and technical analysis to select stocks. Know where to find other sources of information
  • Session 6 – Case studies
    Understand the common denominators of different successful strategies and become familiar with Alan Hull’s strategy via a case study
  • Session 7 – Comparing strategies
    Become familiar with the value investing strategy and gain a greater understanding of how buy, manage and sell stocks
  • Session 8 – How to start investing
    Understand how much capital you need and learn how to manage a trade through the use of a case study
  • Session 9 – Money management principles
    Know how to apply money management principles, know when to sell an open position and learn the pros and cons of investing in LICs or funds.
  • Session 10 – Psychology and record keeping
    Understand the importance of record keeping and the importance of psychology on your investing success.