Premiums and discounts: making LICs work for you

James Marlay, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Livewire Markets
In 2013 James co-founded Livewire Markets with his business partner Tom McKay. Livewire was recently named as one of the most innovative Fintech companies globally by KPMG. James worked in Financial Markets at Macquarie Group in Sydney before joining BRR Media in 2008 where he served as an Executive Director. 
Daryl Wilson, CEO and Portfolio Manager, Affluence Funds Management
Daryl has over 25 years’ experience in finance and investing. Daryl founded Affluence Funds Management in 2015. Prior to forming Affluence, Daryl was a Director of Cromwell Property Group for over 15 years. He leads a small and passionate team who manage the Affluence investment funds including one fund dedicated to investing only in LICs.


With LICs currently trading at the biggest discounts to their NTA in years James interviews Daryl and together they will discuss the current state of the LIC market, including whether prices of all LICs move in line with the market, what has caused the current level of high discounts and how they might be reversed. Where you can get information on LIC premiums/discounts and how do you decided the right price for an LIC? And where to next for the LIC sector?

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11 Oct
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