Finding an adviser

Choosing a financial adviser is an important decision. Here are a few resources to help you find the right adviser and what questions you should ask them when you do!

How to find a financial adviser

How to find the best financial planner

A comprehensive free article from Choice on finding the best financial planner which includes tips for preparing for the first meeting, negotiating fees and assessing the advice you receive.

Is my adviser qualified?

Use Moneysmart's financial advisers register to help you make the right decisions about a financial adviser.

Find a planner

Finding the right financial advice is easier than you think.  Use the Financial Planning Association (FPA) tool to search for a planner in your area.

Asking the right questions

Questions to ask a financial adviser

From ASIC's Moneysmart site, check out their financial adviser shopping list in the Questions to ask a financial adviser article.

Things to consider

The FPA recommends asking plenty of questions of a new adviser.  Here is their 'Things to consider' list so you can make the most of any initial meeting.

25 questions to ask your financial adviser

From a Cuffelinks article, asking these 25 questions of your financial adviser won't guarantee you a good adviser but it will reduce the odds of a dud!