How to appoint ASA as your proxy

Method 1: Paper-based forms

•  Insert "Australian Shareholders' Association" on the form where it asks for the name of your proxy
•  The share registries have our relevant email address so leave proxy email address blank
•  Mark "For" or "Against" on the form. (Leaving the boxes blank means ASA will vote in accordance with our voting intentions)
•   If you mark "Abstain" on the form that resolution can not be voted on
•  Return the form to the share registry (the form must arrive 48 hours before the meeting)

If you have never filled out a proxy form below or would like to refresh your memory, click here to see an example.



Method 2: Voting online

You can access online voting portals via the Link, Computershare or Boardroom website, or via a direct link if one has been emailed to you.

•  Insert "Australian Shareholders' Association" where it asks for the name of your proxy. If asked, ASA is a body corporate
•  Submit the form once you've completed all relevant details

Standing proxy

•  Complete the appropriate standing proxy form once for each of your shareholdings
•  Return the form to the relevant share registry

Either do it yourself or ASA can complete and send you the forms 

More information about standing proxies

By appointing ASA as your standing proxy, ASA will do the work for you and vote on your behalf at all future meetings of the company. It removes the hassle of filling in proxy forms for every meeting and you can revoke the appointment at any time.

  • If you buy more shares in a company under the same HIN/SRN, you don't need to complete a new form
  • Standing proxies are company-specific. If there is a change to company or registry you will need to complete a new form

Download standing proxy forms

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