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Why partner with us?

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  • 7,000+ Online subscribers
  • 12,000+ Event Attendances (2016)

By partnering with the ASA, you become involved with its members, create connections with investors and show your support of an organisation actively working to help inform and advance the interests of individual investors.
Find out about our sponsorship and advertising opportunities so you can access an exclusive network of retail investors. 

Why sponsor our events?

Sponsorship of the ASA offers listed and financial companies the opportunity to promote and network with ASA members, the entire ASA database and the wider retail investor community via its educational seminars, investor forums, website and publications.

  • Well educated, long-term investors
  • Seek to stay abreast of market information, thirsty for knowledge
  • Have significant number of holdings (generally 20-50 companies)
  • Interested in the share market and listed companies
  • Value company analysis and data
  • Value the benefit of diversification
  • Hold alternative investments including property, cash and hybrids
  • Interested in corporate governance, financial performance, and social responsibility of companies
  • 65% have SMSFs
  • 56% identify as informed investors
  • 60% have portfolios valued over $1m
  • 50%+ EDM Open Rate