Why Join ASA?

Why Join ASA?

Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA) is the largest independent non-profit organisation that both educates and advocates for individual investors. Our members and volunteers have come together to build a powerful voice to represent the retail shareholder. Our mission is to strengthen and grow the capability of individual shareholders and investors, and provide proactive and practical support. Together, ASA and Corporate Australia can ensure a healthy, vibrant and high performing retail investment sector. There are many forces driving changing attitudes and beliefs in the community towards business. Partner with a powerful voice in the community. Be the first to know what's going on and have your say. We are not a single-issue organisation. We help companies engage with retail shareholders on all aspects of their business.

  • 15,000 engaged individual investors
  • 12,000+ event attendances (annually)
  • 62.4% male, 37.6% female
  • 458,808 website pageviews (2018)
  • 62% have portfolios valued over $1m
  • 87% hold more than 10 companies
  • 48% hold fixed income
  • 40% hold managed funds
  • 60% have a SMSF
  • 60% spend 1 day a week on investing
  • 50% are confident investors and want to be better


A Proxy for Retail Shareholders

Recent findings from Investment Trends Research concluded that the ASA membership base reflects the typical retail shareholder profile.

Retail shareholders are typically highly engaged in their investments. Retail shareholders are on the register for an average of 11 years.

Most of our members are inclined to stay on the register long term. They take a long-term outlook on performance, look at the big picture and understand volatility regardless of the short-term company performance. They have a strong understanding of governance and leadership encompassing the board and the executive team.

And they are not backwards in expressing their views at company AGM's.

ASA supports long-term decision-making by directors. This prevents pressure from short-term investors who can often distract from organisational outcomes being achieved.