ASA Corporate Membership - Choose the plan that works for you!

ASA Corporate Membership Tiers

We offer three tiers of membership (below). These tiers provide the most significant membership support your shareholders and employees can benefit from. We encourage you to select the membership that best supports your shareholders.

Together with Corporate Australia we achieve a healthy, vibrant, high performing retail investment sector.



$11,000 (inc. GST)


$6,600 (inc. GST)


$3,300 (inc. GST)

Engage with ASA Executive or Board
ASA Industry Advocacy Report
Voting Intentions
AGM Reports
ASA individual membership for executive team and board 15 10 5
ASA Investor Conference Registrations 5 2 1
ASA Investor Conference dinner tickets 3 2 1
EQUITY Magazine delivered
Employee ASA membership offer