There are a range of software platforms available to investors. Here are a few that ASA members have found useful to assist them with their investing.

Incredible charts is a free stock market charting software package which has a range of built in scans and indicators. There is a subscription version which has no advertisements. 

Fundamental analysis and a technical analysis charting package provided to subscribers through Lincoln's online platform Stock Doctor. Membership and access is via an annual or monthly subscription.

A portfolio tracker for Australian investors with the first 10 holdings free. To track more holdings there are a range of monthly plans. Explore more here.


Skaffold is a powerful and visual stock fundamental research tool for ASX and global stocks. Membership and access is via an annual subscription.

Stockradar offers a systematic trading model service, including stock entries, exits, stops and alerts.  Subscription is quarterly or annually.

StockLight is a portfolio tracking app. It helps you track your portfolio returns, research investing ideas and configure notifications for your stocks. It's free to download and offers a premium monthly subscription.

Apps for Australian share traders

Six out of ten Australian online investors use a mobile device to trade. Canstar have listed some of the available apps to save you the trouble of trawling through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Some other software providers that our members have found useful that you may want to explore further:

Beware of guaranteed returns using software

No investment program can guarantee you'll make money and anyone who encourages you to think they discovered the magic way to sure-fire profits is someone to avoid. Learn more about what to look out for from Moneysmart's insights here.