Newsletters & media

Overwhelmed by the vast numbers of investing resources available? Want to identify independent media or newsletter services?

Here are links to media and newsletter providers that ASA members have found to be useful.

Alan Hull provides 8 newsletters for a complete solution for investing and trading in Australian and US markets.

Newsletters are delivered weekly and can be accessed by subscribing to individual newsletters or via a package deal.

Cuffelinks is an independent newsletter covering wealth management, investment strategies, superannuation, banking and financial advice.

Registration is free and you will receive a weekly newsletter full of investment ideas, market insights and exclusive additional reports.

Daily financial news, analysis and data. Access to some free resources as well as a subscription service.

Colin Twiggs weekly Trading Diary offers fundamental analysis of the economy and technical analysis of major market indices, gold, crude oil and forex.

There is also a monthly newsletter. Subscription is free and you can sign up to receive both newsletters by email.

A newsletter focused on locating undervalued businesses that represent strong, long term prospects for investor and providing expert analysis and advice.

Access is via a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

Livewire showcases investment ideas and strategies for direct shares, property, listed investment companies, ETFs and managed funds.

Subscription is free and you will receive a daily curated email featuring the most popular content of the day.

Access free and premium content for independent insights, research on stocks, funds ETFs, LICs and hybrids as well as model portfolios and financial tools.

Superguide is a site dedicated to superannuation and retirement planning.  A few of their articles are free, however, they have a small annual subscription option where you can access more comprehensive planning and strategy articles.

This site could be useful if you are managing your own superannuation and want to stay on top of the every-changing super rules.

A blog designed to explain the complexities of various aspects of finance in a way that everyone can understand. A US based site but an excellent and interesting read.

Access is free and you can sign up to get notification of new blog posts and podcasts.

Some other newsletters, forums and websites that our members have found useful that you may want to explore further: