If you want to learn how to invest, there are a lot of good quality free resources available and we've provided you with links to many of them throughout the Investor journey pages.

In addition, you may want a more structured approach, so here are a few ideas for free online courses to expand your investing knowledge. 

ASA Stock Market Course

Developed exclusively for the ASA by Bill Dodd this video course is a great resource for investors covering risk and the investment plan, fundamental and technical analysis, stock selection, money management, psychology and record keeping. First module is free, you will need member access to view the entire course.

ASX sharemarket course

Learn about the essentials of investing in shares from this ASX video and presentation tutorial. 11 Modules covering a range of topics including risks and benefits, what to consider, how to buy and sell and investment strategies. 


This education platform has a few free online courses relevant to investing (Note: you will have to register to enroll in any course). You may want to consider:

Introduction to investments
Introduction to corporate finance
Yield curve analysis
Free cash flow method for firm valuation
Risk and return and the weighted average cost of capital


An online investing classroom to help you make better investing decisions. You will need to register but it's free. Topics in a range of courses include stocks, funds, bonds and porftolio management


Throughout the Investor journey pages we've linked to Investopedia quite a few times - here is a link to their university page which summarises all the investment guides by category.

Future Learn

Another online course provider with the following relevant courses:

Managing my money for young adults
Finance fundamentals: investment theory and practice


This online education platform has  number of paid courses, but this one Basic investing concepts is free to access.

Alan Hull tutorials

Alan's Tutorials in technical analysis is a great place to start learning about technical analysis.


If you have itunes on any of your devices, you can download a series of podcasts within the Introduction to Investments course.

Better trading series

Nick Radge from the The Chartist has provided a series of online modules called Better trading series which looks at technical analysis patterns.