Understanding superannuation

Super is money put aside by your employer, which is saved while you are working so you have money to live on when you retire from work. It can include voluntary contributions that you make. 

To get the most from your super it is important that you understand how it works and what type of super fund you can keep your money in - no matter where you are on your investing journey.

What is super?

Your super basics

Get the super basics covered by this easy to read and understand guide from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Superannuation explained

What is super? Read up on our easy to understand definitions as well as explore whether superannuation is the right place to put your money.

How super works

Moneysmart suggests that if you're hoping for a comfortable life in retirement you need to spend some time learning about superannuation. This is because taking a few steps now could significantly boost your super and make a big difference to your future lifestyle.

Superannuation made simple

Personal finance journalist Noel Whittaker makes super simple in this Studio 10 video Noel Whittaker talking about superannuation.

Types of super funds

Is your super fund performing well?

Being able to judge the performance of your super fund will help you make good decisions about your retirement savings.

Types of super funds

There are many super funds to choose from and each is a  bit different.  Moneysmart compares the different types of super funds to make it easier for you to choose a fund.

Comparison sites

Compare superannuation products and tailor your search by age, super balance and other features.


Comparing super funds

There are a few basic super funds with different pros and cons. Understanding the different features of super funds will help you choose the fund that is right for you.