Approaching retirement: what to do?

Thinking about and planning for retirement are not things that can be left until the last minute.  The earlier you start planning the more opportunity you give yourself to reach your retirement goals and have a comfortable retirement.

Planning for retirement

Planning for retirement: working backwards

Answering the question 'when do I want to retire?' is the first step in working backwards to start planning for your retirement.

Ultimate retirement checklist

Retiring is never going to be straightforward but it can be easier with some prior planning and foresight. Starts at 60 have compiled the ultimate pre-retirement checklist so you can start planning today.

Managing your retirement portfolio

Managing in retirement is all about making sure your savings provide you enough income for your needs and that you don't outlive your capital. This article talks about risk, asset allocation and selling investments and might be a good place to start for an overview before you explore the other links and resources.

Life expectancy calculator

Need to know how long your retirement funds might have to last to help your planning? Answer questions about your health and family history to estimate your life expectancy.

Readiness for life after full-time work

Don Ezra provides some thoughts and ideas about getting ready for retirement after full-time work is over. He poses that our expected period of future life after retirement is not that far short of our working lifetime and that an education for life after retirement is absolutely necessary. Once you've read this article, explore his blog further - there are some excellent resources here to help you start thinking about retirement.

Retirement planning checklist

Thinking about your retirement - this retirement planning checklist may help you plan for the retirement that you hope for.

Planning for aged care

Ins and outs of aged care

This video, captured during the ASA's Intergenerational wealth planning day sees Sean Howard from Challenger talk about the ins and out of aged care.

Aged care guide

A one-stop-shop to help you make the best care decisions - extensive information to assist with the aged care journey as well as detailed listings for facilities, services and aged care providers to help you make informed choices.

Aged care brokers

If you need help with navigating your aged care journey, you may want to consider an aged care broker.  For a fee, an aged care broker will assist you to understand aged care and help you to find the right service to fit your needs. Search for an aged care broker near you.

Myagedcare planning ahead

myagedcare is the starting point to access Australian government aged care services.  Learn more about the types of aged care services available, your eligibility, assessment requirements and costs for services at the myagedcare website. To help you plan ahead they've also compiled a list of some topics to think about.