Understanding investments

Before you invest it's a good idea to be clear on how you might approach investing: how should you hold your assets to protect yourself and your family; what investments do you need to focus on at your stage of life and do you understand the investment jargon?

Types of investment structures

Investment Structures

Before you purchase any asset it is important to consider the types of investment structures available and which one might be right for your assets.

When and why a discretionary trust?

A short article from Argyle Lawyers on why you might choose a discretionary trust to hold your investment assets.

Effective structuring - protecting your assets

A detailed paper from Cooper Grace Ward lawyers on common investing structures and the need to balance tax and risk issues when deciding which structure to choose.

Lifecycle investing

Five financial stages of life

An excellent article from Don Ezra on the financial stages in our lives and how our psychology changes as we move from one stage to another.

Well worth the read!

If you would like to read more of Don's work check out his planning for retirement blog.

Investing through various stages of life

Life and money are linked and during the different stages of your life you will need to focus on different financial tasks. Explore the following links to read more on what you should focus on and when.

Your financial checklist for every stage of life

What should I be thinking about 

Goals and your stage of life

Understanding the investing jargon

Useful glossaries of commonly used terms

Australian Shareholders' Association

Moneysmart (ASIC)

Australian Stock Exchange

Investopedia dictionary

A comprehensive financial dictionary with over 13000 terms!