A group for women starting their financial journey

Be inspired. Become empowered. Get financially literate

About wInvest

wInvest is a free financial literacy program created by Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA) aimed at empowering women to start their investment journey and improve their financial future. The program consists of independent educational resources available online and centred around the workbook, “Own your financial future”. The program outlined in the booklet is supported by digital content and physical meetings. The wInvest 16-week video series is available for free on ASA’s website and YouTube page and the short, engaging educational videos are hosted by Felicity Cooper, multiple award-winning Financial Planner and 2019’s Financial Planner of the year.

The wInvest meet-up group offers an opportunity for women to meet in person, or virtually, to participate in workshop sessions and live Q&A workshops. Through combining the workbook, videos and meetings wInvest becomes a powerful financial literacy solution to women. Women who participate in wInvest can expect to be empowered with an understanding of basic financial concepts such as financial plans, superannuation and investment concepts including financial advice and risk.


ASA launched wInvest on International Women’s Day (IWD) March 2021 as the day marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. The wInvest program was created with the mission to enable women to become inspired, empowered and financially literate through investing in their own knowledge.

We also provide you with a workbook that will bring together everything you have learnt and help you develop your own personal investment plan.


Download the workbook


1. Owning your financial future 


2. Get to know your assets and liabilities


3. How much do you really need?


4. Know your income and expense


5. Know how to protect your wealth


6. Set up a plan to reach your goals


7. Putting your assets to work


8. What are your financial risks?


9. Allocating your assets


10. Know your superannuation & insurance


11. Maximising your superannuation


12. Know your super release


13. Protect your wealth


14. Planning retirement to last


15. Creating your financial plan


16. Finding the right financial planner