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A Brief History Of The Financial World & The Tool We’ve Created For The Modern Investor



Navarre Trousselot, Founder, Navexa

About the webinar

We're living through unprecedented acceleration in financial services, products and technology. This presentation looks at how we got here, what the future looks like for investors, and introduces Navexa, a new portfolio performance & tax reporting tool helping investors harness the power of data and technology. 

About the presenter

Navexa founder, Navarre Trousselot, is a lifelong technologist and a passionate investor. When he began investing, he quickly found it wasn't easy to clearly understand his portfolio performance. Rather than accept this, Navarre started building his own performance tracking platform in his spare time. Today, Navexa serves thousands of investors across shares, crypto and managed funds with deep performance tracking and automated tax optimisation & reporting. 

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