Death is final, but the memory can live on. We spend our working lives creating wealth but spend little time on the most important of all: wealth distribution via a self-crafted and implemented estate plan. There is only one chance to get it right.

The Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA) would like to introduce the new Masterclass | Estate Planning course for beginners with Peter Bobbin, Principal Lawyer from Coleman Greig Lawyers. 

For just $55 (member price) or $110 (standard price), a Masterclass series exclusively for ASA including 20+ videos on different aspects of estate planning

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Masterclass | Estate planning course


Why do estate planning and why you should watch this course? 

A blank sheet of paper, a pen, and a glass of red wine. These are the three tools you need to create an estate plan. With over 30 years of experience, Peter Bobbin has worked with ASA to create a thorough and comprehensible online masterclass course on estate planning.

Estate planning is about planning for our death and the legacy that our wealth will create for others. 

  • No matter whether it is a self-drawn will or a full suite of professional documents, the fact that the plan is in place will ensure we are remembered as someone who got it done.

An estate plan records what you want to be done with your assets after your death

  • By doing estate planning, you are helping your family to be better able to cope. Masterclass contributes to making people's minds open. That broadens their approach to estate planning and motivates them to get it done.

It's about how will you be remembered and how will your life be affected by the death of another

  • Self-interest can drive the estate planning process. By looking at estate planning from this perspective, the issues become more real. It is the person who is left behind to whom estate planning matters most.

The Masterclass series is exclusive to the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA). 

  • Use it if you are starting out, use it to check what you have already done. This will benefit every generation of your family and ensure that what you earn helps those most important to you.


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 The course agenda:

  • Episode 1 - What is Estate Planning?
  • Episode 2 - How to do proper estate planning
  • Episode 3 - Top 5 key documents
  • Episode 4 - 9 Crucial documents
  • Episode 5 - When should I start an Estate Plan
  • Episode 6 - Asset structuring
  • Episode 7 - Do I need life insurance
  • Episode 8 - Who can make a claim on my estate
  • Episode 9 - Tax issues capital gains tax
  • Episode 10 - Superannuation
  • Episode 11 - Binding death benefit nominations
  • Episode 12 - Testamentary trust
  • Episode 13 - Family discretionary trust
  • Episode 14 - Capital gains tax K3 tax event
  • Episode 15 - Reversionary pension
  • Episode 16 - Risk of the 'blow-in' spouse
  • Episode 17 - Arts and collectables, CGT and your assets
  • Episode 18 - Estate planning adviser
  • Episode 19 - To DIY or not DIY will
  • Episode 20 - Major life events
  • Episode 21 - Disasters in Estate Planning
  • Episode 22 - Conclusion

"This video series shows Peter Bobbin’s ability to communicate key estate planning issues effectively.

As many ASA members are self-directed investors, I would strongly encourage all members to take advantage of this course by Peter. To get this level of expertise for $55 is the bargain of the year.

Not only sign up for the course, watch the videos and review your estate plan. I am certainly going to review my estate plan."

– Lionel Werbeloff



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