Brisbane - Building a well-balanced portfolio - the role of ETFs

ETFs are gaining popularity, and for good reason. By attending this seminar you will learn not only the importance of portfolio diversification but how you can balance your portfolio via ETFs. Selection criteria, risks, benefits, costs and more will be discussed.


Are ETFs risky? 
How do you balance income and growth?
How do you select appropriate ETFs to suit your portfolio? 
What are the benefits of ETFs?
How do you achieve diversification through ETFs?



Members and partners: $85.00 per person
Non-members: $130.00 per person

Includes lunch, refreshments and access to papers online.



Cancellation of registration
Cancellations up to 7 days before the event are refunded less a $15 administration fee. Cancellations within the week will not be refunded, however a substitute delegate is welcome to attend.
3/20/2019 9:00 AM - 4:15 PM
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Cnr Merivale & Glenelg Sts South Brisbane QLD 4101

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
3/20/2019 9:00 AM
Asset allocation is the key to building a well-balanced portfolio and many argue that this is a more important decision than selecting stocks or ETFs. Vanguard's Client Sales Executive, Ian Boater, will provide a framework to help you determine the percentage of your portfolio you allocate to shares – domestic and global, fixed interest, property and alternative investments. Your risk tolerance, your time-frame, your interest levels are all factors which contribute to building your portfolio.
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
3/20/2019 9:30 AM
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
3/20/2019 10:30 AM
Robo-advisers use technology and sophisticated investment management algorithms to deliver low cost automated investing platforms. Many Robo Advisers only use ETFs to create diversified portfolios. They can also tailor portfolios to cater to specific investment themes. Patrick Garrett, founder of Six Park, will provide insight into how technology is used to achieve portfolio diversification to suit the needs of the investor and, just as importantly, continually rebalances these portfolios.
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
3/20/2019 11:00 AM
Craig Higson will discuss the benefits of investing for income and what options are available on the ASX.  Craig will focus on the domestic market, the role of equities in your portfolio and the sectors ahead likely to generate income. He will also touch on bonds and international markets.
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
3/20/2019 12:00 PM
12:45 PM - 1:30 PM
3/20/2019 12:45 PM
The Australian share market represents just a small proportion of global equity markets and is dominated by banks and resources. ETFs are one way to gain access to a share market, Australian shareholders are generally under-invested in. Understand how portfolios can benefit by investing in international shares that offer exposure to industries and regions that are not accessible in Australia. Nicholas Jackson of VanEck will show you how ETFs can help remove the complexities associated with investing in international equities.
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
3/20/2019 1:30 PM
Australia's fixed income exchange-traded product sector is $3.1 billion and rising. While that might sound small compared to equity ETFs, investors are taking serious note of the benefits of fixed income ETFs and fine-tuning their defensive allocation accordingly. Scott Bradley from Legg Mason Global Asset Management will show you how to access and incorporate this asset class in your portfolio.
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
3/20/2019 2:15 PM
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
3/20/2019 3:00 PM
Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and revolutionising the way businesses manufacture and deliver goods and services. ETFs specialising on the theme of disruption and technology are increasing. However, how safe are they? David Bassanese, Chief Economist, BetaShares, will not only demonstrate how you would benefit by investing in the businesses that are driving change through ETFs, but also how to understand the potential risks of these technology ETFs.
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
3/20/2019 3:30 PM
4:15 PM - 4:15 PM
3/20/2019 4:15 PM

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