What can ASA do for you?

We’re focused on protecting and advancing the rights of retail shareholders — your rights. We represent our members to promote and safeguard the interests of retail investors in Australia.

Holding directors to account

We have a team of volunteer company monitors who actively engage with company directors, attend AGMs and write voting intentions and AGM reports. In 2016, our company monitors met with the chairman of the board of almost 130 companies and a non-executive director of an additional 25. We aim to monitor ASX200 companies, focusing on financial performance, corporate governance and remuneration matters. View our list of monitored companies.

Making retail shareholders’ votes count

You can appoint ASA as your proxy at company meetings. This means that we will vote your proxies in accordance with your directions (if you tell us how you want to vote on the resolutions) or our published voting intentions (if you do not tell us how you want us to vote). ASA’s voting intentions, which set out how the ASA intends to vote on resolutions at AGMs and the reasons for the votes, are published on our website and accessible by members two weeks before the meeting. More information about our company monitoring work can be viewed here

Advocating for shareholder rights

We are the only organisation to engage with regulators, government bodies and ASX listed companies on behalf of retail shareholders. We ask the hard questions at company AGMs and make sure the voice of retail shareholders is heard. We need your support so we can continue to hold directors to account.

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