Investment strategies


From another world? Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Bitcoin is a digital or virtual medium of exchange and the first example of a ‘cryptocurrency’. It is an alternative to traditional ‘paper’ money as it is not printed or minted, but created and held electronically. It uses encrypted software hosted and maintained by volunteers on a network of computers with no single government or company in charge. Transactions are anonymous and do not go through banks, which is why it lends itself to illegal activity. Witness the recent ransomware attacks where payments to release encrypted files must be made in Bitcoins.


Investing lessons from a world champion

Taking Australia’s new WBO World Welterweight champion Jeff Horn from a bullied school kid to beating 11 time world champion boxing legend Manny Pacquaio required a carefully crafted strategy, discipline, and perseverance – all essential qualities to successful investing.


The Disposition Effect

We are all prone to behavioural biases that affect our judgment. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can significantly improve our results by sticking to an investment strategy that helps us to reduce the number of costly mistakes that we make.