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Technical Analysis Tutorials

These tutorials will introduce you to the basics of technical analysis. Whilst investors may or may not use charting as part of their decision making process, a basic understanding of it is an advantage.

  1. Module 01 - Introduction to charting
  2. Module 02 - Introduction to charting continued
  3. Module 03 - Pattern recognition - what makes a pattern
  4. Module 04 - Trendlines
  5. Module 05 - Triangles
  6. Module 06 - Support and resistance
  7. Module 07 - Other important patterns
  8. Module 08 - Introduction to moving averages
  9. Module 09 - Weighted moving averages
  10. Module 10 - Dow Theory

ASA would like to thank Alan Hull, Editor at ActVest, for providing these tutorials.


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